Dear Brides: The 4 Most Important Things you NEED to know before you sit in your MUA’s chair.

For all of my beautiful brides, I have some quick tips for you before you sit in your Makeup Artist’s chair:

  1. Book a trial

    I always say that you should see if you and your artist are the perfect fit. The day of the wedding, you want to make sure that you are in the right hands – they know your style, your look & everything. If you have done a trial, all you have to do is relax and let them work their magic.

  2. Preparing your skin

    If there are certain aspects of your skin you would like to improve prior to the big day (most common concerns are texture, acne or pigmentation) , it is advised to start a routine a year in advance. However if you do not have that much time, please start a new regimen at least 2-3 months prior. This will allow your skin to respond to any treatments or products, especially if they are products you have NEVER used before.

  3. Wear something white

    When you get your makeup done, a fan favourite is a white robe. If you do not opt for a robe, I would suggest wearing something white. This way when your makeup is completed, whether it is your trial or your wedding day, you can accurately see how it would look in your wedding gown.

  4. Rules for inspiration pics

    When you book an artist, send them some inspiration images. MUA’s love that. We love to see what you are looking for. But please keep in mind that the inspiration may NOT have the same skin tone or face structure. Make note of the key features you are looking for when your MUA is creating your look or doing your trial. I love having these images sent prior to the trial in order to curate the products I need to complete the look.

    Check out these 67 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Every Kind of Bride for some inspiration.


    I hope that these top tips help you!

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